Checking In

Wow, it’s been a week. I’m not sure why I’m not writing much these days. I guess I don’t have much to say.

I think I’m in a rut. Just kinda existing. Coasting by. Which isn’t to say I’m depressed. Because I’m not. I’m actually doing mostly good these days. I mean, I have my moments of moods and rages, but not too unbearable.

I’m not really doing any photography right now, but I’m just not inspired. It’s so cold and bleak and, well, winter. You can only take the same pic of a kid so many times before it gets old, so, I seek inspiration elsewhere. But this season just doesn’t inspire me.

And I guess the same could be said of writing.

Aside from being pregnant, there really isn’t much going on right now. And even the pregnancy is pretty quiet. I’m past the feeling sick all the time days, but not yet at the exciting, being kicked all day days. It’s too early for the big gender reveal. I’m 13 weeks. It just isn’t the exciting time in a pregnancy. So what is there to report?

I’m working quite a bit. Regular lane, mostly, which makes me happy. But what is there to say about that?

I guess all this is to say that I’m here. I’m around. There just isn’t much going on right now and therefore not much to blog. But, I guess that’s bound to happen from time to time.


If anyone needs me, I’m not hard to find. But for now, I’m going to go back to quietly sitting back and reading what everyone else has to say.

This ‘N’ That

So the week of death is behind me. I honestly don’t know how I survived last week. It was a bit much. But here I am on the other end feeling better. Mostly. I still have a bit of a cough, but having bronchitis will do that to you. The sinus infection cleared within 2 days of the antibiotic and I stopped puking sometime Saturday. I was still a little off Sunday but I was able to finally drag myself back to work after missing a week. Work was less than thrilled that I missed 4 days, but I was puking so I don’t see how I had much choice.

Anyway, I’m better now so that’s what counts.

Luke had his 3 year well check today. Details can be found on his blog. Nothing major to report, he is in good health.

I actually went to Walmart today. If you know me at all, you know that is astounding. I hate that place with a passion. But I was after something I can’t seem to find anywhere else and I knew they had it so I gave in and went. While there I wanted to treat Luke to something because he was so very good at the doctor. And I had impulse bought his brother a book yesterday. So I figured it was only fair. Not that everything is always fair, but after his performance at the doctor, it was worth it. Anyway, I bought him a movie that was on sale for 5$. So no big expense.

I must say, as far as Walmart trips go, this one was pleasant. I actually found a parking spot that was really close to the door. They were practically empty inside. There was no wait at the checkout. And there wasn’t the normal ghetto atmosphere. I was shocked. I don’t go often but when I do, it is normally anything but pleasant.

“Let me go I got a boo-boo! I got a shot from the doctor!” Little man is milking the shot he got today for all it’s worth. Daddy just tried to snuggle him.

Rat update: We are down to two adult male rats, and the sweet little baby girl rat. One of the twins passed about a month ago. They are getting old. Tiny little girl rat is getting bigger. Big enough that we are fairly certain at this point she is indeed a she. We do still have them separate and we will keep them that way. The boys are too old and cranky to introduce tiny rat into the bunch. Well, that and we don’t want babies.

Luke seems to be handling the monster situation well. I think it helps that he isn’t in his crib. When we threaten to make him sleep in his crib (you try keeping a 3-year-old in bed) he freaks out that the monsters will get him. We let him sleep in his big boy bed, no problems. So needless to say, he won’t be going back to his crib.

I guess I don’t have much else to say so I should probably end this. I just wanted to touch base since I’ve been quiet lately.

If Not One Thing, It’s Another

A week later, I’m still sick. I dragged myself to the doctor yesterday. I have a sinus infection and bronchitis. Neither one came as a surprise. I’ve had a smoker’s lung since I was 12. I smoked my first whatever when I was 23ish. Nothing I inhale. And certainly not often. But alas, chronic bronchitis is my life.

I’m on an antibiotic for the infection. So far, nothing for the cough. Anything that helps coughs is category c for pregnancy, which means it’s not a great idea. Though, like mental health, it is risk verses benefit in that category. If my cough gets bad enough, he wants me to go ahead and take some mucinex. So we’ll see.

Speaking of meds and pregnancy. I did see my meds doctor last Wednesday. We both agree that remaining meds free is the goal of this pregnancy. However, if depression becomes a problem, she will see about getting me on Zoloft. It’s the safest option out there. So we do have a plan B. Which is good.

And then of course, we will start the process of getting me back on everything once the baby is born. But we all knew that.

Anyway, there you have it. A couple of updates.

Now excuse me while I go cough up a lung.

Tidbits from Facebook: Pregnant and Miserable, Yet Funny

BPD AND Pregnancy Borderline Personality DisorderIf you are pregnant and have a weak bladder, and are sick and have cruddy sinuses, when you first wake up and REALLY have to pee, hold off on blowing your nose. The force of blowing your nose will cause you to pee yourself. #LFMF

I did that twice this week. Because I didn’t learn the first time?

So I’ve been a touch bitchy lately between pregnancy hormones and being off my meds. So I bought Pat some flowers as a apology. They are crazy daisies. Pat appreciated the humor in the name.

Also, the touch of spring on the kitchen table is nice.

Sometime between yesterday and today, my twitter stopped updating my facebook. No settings were changed. It just stopped. Anyone?

I Have A Dream

Screw cashiering.

Screw banking.

Screw photography (I bet it would be good in bed.)

I know what I want to do with my life.

You know those annoying little machines outside most grocery stores where you put in a quarter or two and out pops a piece of junk that totally makes your kid’s (or mine) day?

I want to own a store here in Columbus that is nothing but those machines. I’d call it Dygs‘ Bubbles.

Now I just need business partner with the know how and starter money.

Not looking to make a fortune (one quarter at a time) but I might be able to pay the bills.

I hear NYC has a store like this, why not here?

I’d also consider those claw machines but maybe not, I like the idea of a guaranteed win.

There would also be gumball machines and other candy machines. Sticker and tattoo machines for sure.

Basically you name the quarter machine, I’ll have it.