Withdraw Day 4

If I could just get my body temperature to regulate, I’d feel so much better. Which isn’t to say I’m not already feeling a bit better. I get better every day. I’m just not 100% yet.

Today I missed my second day of work. I was asked point blank what was wrong and I answered truthfully. I just don’t know how they’ll respond to it.

I mean it isn’t a random bug. It’s withdraw from a chemical addiction to a prescribed medication that lets me lead a normal life. I can’t take the drug while pregnant so I went off it.

I’m lucky I didn’t spend 2 weeks sick. I’m lucky that I spent most of the weening off phases without my body noticing. It was only the final removal that my body caught onto.

I may need to ask my meds doctor for a note explaining the situation. I don’t know yet. I’m going to see if I can go without.

It would just really be nice being able to walk away from this without explaining what Geodon is and why I’m on it. I guess with the antipsychotic, Abilify, being commonly used to treat depression these days, I can avoid the BPD explanation. But we’ll see.

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