I’ve been pretty sick today and yesterday. I, unfortunately, had to call off work today. I can barely sit up much less be on my feet.

I know it’s the Geodon withdraw. It feels like Geodon withdraw.

I’d been breezing through getting off it no problems at all. But I completely missed all of it for the first time Sunday night and Monday morning I work up so sick.

I’m shaky. Sweaty. Cold. Dizzy. My digestive track is all messed up. I wouldn’t really call me nauseous but I have to be careful what I eat, how much and when.

I’m terrified work will think I’m calling off with morning sickness. And I really don’t feel like getting into what’s really wrong. So all I can do is hope I’m better after a few days, which I will be, and then drag myself back to work.

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