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Life Of Fish

Posted January 4, 2011 By kmarrs

Pat: I haven’t seen the Zebra in awhile.
Me: He’s staying up near the top because the koi are down at the bottom. There he is. *points to the very top line of the water.*
Pat: Never mind that goldfish are vegetarians and insecticidal, they’ll eat worms.
Me: But the Zebra doesn’t know that.
Pat: Heh, let’s not tell him.

So far they angry zebra is staying away from the koi who have schooled. So is the Molly, sadly. I think she would get along fine with her koi friends. Though they are 3 times her size (in length, 5 times in girth).

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This one can alternatively be titled: Why I’ll never fly again.

Dudes, this whole TSA pat down thing is bullshit. I mean, I’ve always considered it bullshit but today I saw pictures.

See, I have this thing where I need my space. Your best bet is to just not touch me. At all ever. It doesn’t really matter who you are. Ok, Luke and Thomas can get away with it, but usually Pat can’t. Though I’m working hard on that last one. My own husband and mother can’t touch me.

This isn’t a conscience choice. It just freaks me the fuck out to be touched. I’m just one of those people.

I blame the BPD. I mean usually these things are mental health issues and BPD is my mental health subscription, so I feel it’s a fairly safe assumption.

So the idea of having my private areas touched by a total stranger all so I can get into some vehicle that goes hurling through the air, not happening.

If I want to go somewhere I’ll drive. If it’s over seas, I’ll swim. Or take a boat. A boat would probably be faster. But if it means going to England, I’ll swim.

And I know not everyone is subjected to the pat downs. (Some get to stand in a machine that virtually renders you naked so some stranger can jack off to your naughty bits. (Hey, it’s already happened.)) But what am I suppose to do, stand in line, hope I don’t get picked, and then waste a ticket if I do by refuseing to the pat downs, be removed from the flight, and questioned in full force as to why I don’t want touched? Yes, it’s happened.

I’ve seen picture proof of very old Caucasian ladies getting grouped by TSA agents. Yes, it’s happened. Look it up. Because clearly, they are terrorist suspects.

And I get the whole idea is that everyone is a suspect. But let’s be honest, granny didn’t fly a plane into the twin towers. Leave the old woman alone. And don’t go saying how she really could be a terrorist. Just leave it alone. And for the record I’m not saying all Muslims are terrorists or that all terrorist are Muslims. I’m just saying leave granny alone. She doesn’t need her boobs man handled.

So my BPD makes me hate being touched and I’d rather swim to England then fly even if it means never seeing England.

What about you?

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This ‘N’ That

Posted January 4, 2011 By kmarrs

I’ve been blogging a lot the past few days. I’m not overly sure why. I guess I just have something to say? Or is that answer too obvious?

We have new pets. Besides the rat.

Let’s talk about the rat. S/he (too early to tell) is a tiny little thing. Roughly the size of a mouse. Another mouth to feed but we love her anyways. She is a sweet little thing. Thomas has rediscovered love. Seeing as how the old men rats want nothing to do with him, I guess new love is a plus.

Fish. Wait. Beginning. Roughly every year the boys get a check from my paternal Grandmother. She sends them about a week after Christmas so that it doesn’t count as Christmas money because she doesn’t celebrate Christmas due to her religion. Whatever, that’s fine. But the check showed up a few days ago. Now there is no real intent for this check. If the boys have a need, we take care of it. If there is no immediate need, we let them have a little fun. This year there are no immediate needs so we went with fun.

Slowly one by one the fish in our tank have been dying. It happens. I blame the angry zebra. We were down to two. The boys were a little disgruntled with this. We all enjoy a tank full of fish. It’s peaceful. So Pat took Tomas to the local pet store and bought some new filters for the fish tanks and three koi. Well, two of them are some weird type of kio that I’m not sure on spelling or pronunciation. The third is an actual koi. It’s about 3 inches long counting tail. They are pretty and hard to kill so we are happy with them. Meanwhile we have a very angry Zebra fish who is use to being the biggest in the tank and picking on all the other fish, who is now the smallest. He is avoiding the kio.

I had that job phone interview today. I’m honestly not sure how it went. I can’t tell over the phone. I was told I’d hear back in a few days so I guess I’m just waiting it out.

The name game is over. We have settled on a name we are both thrilled with. So even if I’m not pregnant, wait roughly 6 months to a year and I will be.

As for the am I aren’t I, I’ll know tomorrow. Blood got drawn today, doctor gets the results in the morning. No call means not pregnant, they will call if I am. I can call them regardless if I get antsy. I’m expecting my cycle to start in the middle of the night (when it always starts) like nothing happened.

It has just been realized by Pat that one of the not a koi, kois is a girl and one is a boy. He didn’t notice one had a smaller tail. I pointed out the difference in asking which one was Max. (Thomas is bound ands determined to name something Max.) So I guess now we know. The actual Koi is Charley, and the snail (they got a snail free) is Charleytoo (not to be confused with Charleytwo). We are now proud members of the fish of the month club which means we get a free fish every month. Which we have enough fish with the koi, but I’m sure we’ll end up with a Charleyalso, Charleymaybe and Charleysometimes one after another because that’s how we go through snails. Which generally since they breed with themselves they are hard to get rid of, but we can’t keep them alive. Yet we have one angry Zebra that is like 4 years old. And a Molly. We lost many Mollies, among other fish, but one of our mated mollies survived to tell many a tale.

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Huge Favor To Ask

Posted January 3, 2011 By kmarrs

Do you enjoy my blog? I guess to some degree you must. I mean you keep coming back for more! Can you do me one small favor? Ok, huge favor. You don’t have to comment. I know how we people are about that. I mean some of you are awesome with it. If you have something to say you pipe right up. But mostly we people rather sit in the corner and just observe.

There are these things called the bloggies. I don’t stand a chance in hell in winning, let’s face it. But it would be awesome just to be nominated. There is really just one category I’m eligible for. It’s “Best Topical Weblog”. All you have to do is go to this page and nominate me. It’s pretty self explanatory. The catch is you have to nominate at least 3 blogs total. You can use my handy little blog list for ideas on who to nominate. I really don’t care who all gets nominated. Just pick 2. Ok, The Bloggess is very funny. And Blogging Dangerously is pulling for best new blog. So there, you have 3.

Please nominate me. The link again is here.

I love you guys!

Oh and you don’t even have to admit you did it. Only it would be kinda nice if you did because I’m not sure I’ll ever know any other way.

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The Name Game

Posted January 3, 2011 By kmarrs

I’m mostly just killing time before my interview. Pat is at the dentist. Luke is sleeping. I’m on my own.

Now to my defense I have a hobby of looking up baby names. I like daydreaming what I’ll name future kids. Have since I was Luke’s age and named all my dolls Samantha. So this isn’t anything new.

When I was pregnant with Thomas we started from scratch. We knew right away if it was a girl she would be called Samantha Levey, a combination of me and Pat’s favorite little girl names. As for a boy we didn’t have any real clue. Pat did however confess he had always wanted a little TK. So I thought up T names and came upon Thomas quickly. We both liked the name, that was easy. I consulted a baby book and found Kenyon as a middle name. We both liked it. I had actually spent years wanting to go to Kenyon College here in Ohio, so it had extra special meaning for me. So there we had it by about the 2nd month of pregnancy: Samantha Levey or Thomas Kenyon.

Luke was almost as easy. I knew I wanted the middle name Jay. I wanted to name him for a good friend of ours, Jesse, who has always been there for us. So I just needed a good first name. I tossed around quite a few and even ran some by Pat when eventually Lucas came to mind. I ran it by Pat and he loved it. Granted I later found out it was because he could say “Luke I am your father” but whatever, it works. I was about 3-4 months pregnant and we had it: Samantha Levey or Lucas Jay.

After I gave birth to Luke, I knew I wasn’t done. We had just brought him home and I was holding him close, looking down into his sweet little face and I knew I needed one more. We had always talked of three anyway, so it wasn’t some huge surprise.

Since then we have been playing around with names for number three. Well, ok we have been playing around with names since before Thomas was concieved. But we (I) started taking it seriously from that moment on.

I also noticed a trend. Both Thomas and Lucas end in “as”. It was a coincidence but it was a pattern we could play with. I quickly came up with Marcas. It would work. Then another good friend of ours named his little boy Marcus. So we hesitate. Do we, or don’t we. For the longest time I didn’t care and Pat agreed with me. Then recently I learned that agreement was to shut me up about baby names already and he does actually object on the ground Eddie got to it first. Ok, so that’s back to the drawling board.

While I’m at it I need a middle name. Both Kenyon and Jay have a “y” in it so I figure I might as well follow the pattern and have a “y” in the middle name. I’ve suggested everything from Kyle to Anthony to Taylor. Pat agreed on Taylor at first but later confessed (same conversation as the Marcas confession) that he doesn’t like it.

So square one, only with the patterns in mind.

So today while waiting for my phone to ring, I’m looking up baby names online. A regular activity of mine, just with a little more purpose. I figure I’ll record here what I find.

First names :
Judas (but only because my mom gets a kick over how biblical Thoams and Lucas are)

Well ok then. There are a lot of really weird names ending in “as”. I hope Pat likes Douglas! (Or Judas ;))

Middle Names (this could take the hour I have left):
Kyle (because damnit, I like the name)
Henry (I love this name actually. Two guesses why, if you need more than one, well…)
Grey (Judas Grey?)
Ashley (I like it since it’s my middle name but Pat says not for a boy. Boo!)

Ok the list can go on. I think the first step is to get Pat to agree to a first name and then go from there.

Wait, why is Mississippi listed as a baby name? Hi, my name is Mississippi Mayes Marrs. It has a ring to it…

For the longest time Pat tried to talk me into Mo Man Marrs. There is a reason I’ll always fill out the birth certificate. It isn’t that I don’t trust him…

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New Year, New Beginnings

Posted January 3, 2011 By kmarrs

I really need this year to rock. I’ll be honest, 2010 wasn’t too bad for me but it certainly could have been better.

I need to get this new job. I can’t keep up at where I’m at. My bitterness is starting to show and it’s going to get me fired one of these days. “I do a good deed every day. I want to kill people but I don’t.” “This day isn’t over soon enough. It’s not the length of the day, but the people in it.” I’m doing my best to control my mouth; the words that come out of it and the smile it’s suppose to be pulled into. But I’ve always hated people and this job just reinforces that. And yes, I know that’s the tale of retail. But I’ve never seen it as bad as this current job.

I need this new job. It’s better paying, though fewer hours so I’ll be making about 25$ less per week.

I’ll have time to go to school.

I’ll be working in a job that’s in the career path I maybe want.

I’ll be working a job that will allow me to take it easy with my right arm so I can stop with the doctor’s notes. I’ll take physical therapy to it’s end and then just be done. If it still hurts, it still hurts. If it’s healed, it’s healed. It won’t matter anymore because I won’t be expected to abuse it.

But guys, listen up. I’m scared. No I’m terrified. What if I hate being a bank teller. Here I am thinking banking could be a great career path for me. But it’s so new. And I’ve had people say they’ve done it and hated it. But I’ve also had people say they love it. Where will I fall?

And the whole pregnancy thing. Am I. Aren’t I. Who knows at this point. I know I’m 6 days late. But I’m even second guessing that. Do I have the right date of when I started my last one? I’m almost positive but the I can’t be pregnant doubt is kicking in.

If I am pregnant I’ll deal with it. I wouldn’t call it unwanted. I mean we wanted a third for so long now but the timing is a little off.

The big deal is my maternity leave won’t be covered by FMLA. Which means I very well may be spending my maternity leave job hunting. Not ideal. But I’ll do it. I’ll work right up until I go into labor, like I’ve done twice now, and I’ll hit the ground running after delivery. It would just be nice to spend that 6 weeks bonding with baby instead of interviewing. But I can do it. I will do it.

So these are two potentially huge changes that might be greeting me in this new year. I can only hope that they will change my life for the better.

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