Living Life with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

This one can alternatively be titled: Why I’ll never fly again.

Dudes, this whole TSA pat down thing is bullshit. I mean, I’ve always considered it bullshit but today I saw pictures.

See, I have this thing where I need my space. Your best bet is to just not touch me. At all ever. It doesn’t really matter who you are. Ok, Luke and Thomas can get away with it, but usually Pat can’t. Though I’m working hard on that last one. My own husband and mother can’t touch me.

This isn’t a conscience choice. It just freaks me the fuck out to be touched. I’m just one of those people.

I blame the BPD. I mean usually these things are mental health issues and BPD is my mental health subscription, so I feel it’s a fairly safe assumption.

So the idea of having my private areas touched by a total stranger all so I can get into some vehicle that goes hurling through the air, not happening.

If I want to go somewhere I’ll drive. If it’s over seas, I’ll swim. Or take a boat. A boat would probably be faster. But if it means going to England, I’ll swim.

And I know not everyone is subjected to the pat downs. (Some get to stand in a machine that virtually renders you naked so some stranger can jack off to your naughty bits. (Hey, it’s already happened.)) But what am I suppose to do, stand in line, hope I don’t get picked, and then waste a ticket if I do by refuseing to the pat downs, be removed from the flight, and questioned in full force as to why I don’t want touched? Yes, it’s happened.

I’ve seen picture proof of very old Caucasian ladies getting grouped by TSA agents. Yes, it’s happened. Look it up. Because clearly, they are terrorist suspects.

And I get the whole idea is that everyone is a suspect. But let’s be honest, granny didn’t fly a plane into the twin towers. Leave the old woman alone. And don’t go saying how she really could be a terrorist. Just leave it alone. And for the record I’m not saying all Muslims are terrorists or that all terrorist are Muslims. I’m just saying leave granny alone. She doesn’t need her boobs man handled.

So my BPD makes me hate being touched and I’d rather swim to England then fly even if it means never seeing England.

What about you?

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