Huge Favor To Ask

Do you enjoy my blog? I guess to some degree you must. I mean you keep coming back for more! Can you do me one small favor? Ok, huge favor. You don’t have to comment. I know how we people are about that. I mean some of you are awesome with it. If you have something to say you pipe right up. But mostly we people rather sit in the corner and just observe.

There are these things called the bloggies. I don’t stand a chance in hell in winning, let’s face it. But it would be awesome just to be nominated. There is really just one category I’m eligible for. It’s “Best Topical Weblog”. All you have to do is go to this page and nominate me. It’s pretty self explanatory. The catch is you have to nominate at least 3 blogs total. You can use my handy little blog list for ideas on who to nominate. I really don’t care who all gets nominated. Just pick 2. Ok, The Bloggess is very funny. And Blogging Dangerously is pulling for best new blog. So there, you have 3.

Please nominate me. The link again is here.

I love you guys!

Oh and you don’t even have to admit you did it. Only it would be kinda nice if you did because I’m not sure I’ll ever know any other way.

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