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I had my first day of physical therapy today. I gotta say while I believe it will help, the process is very painful. My therapist has diagnosed me better than my doctor has. The problem is my rotator cuff. It isn’t necessarily torn I don’t think he said. But it is injured as are the muscles attached to it. I have a full range of motion he determined. In comparison to my left arm, there is very little difference. And I have strength in it. It’s just painful. He gave me a couple of exercises to do daily at home and he will add more. He wants me in twice a week but my schedule at work will only afford me once a week. We have appointments for the next 4 weeks set up and we’ll go from there.

I go back to my doctor tomorrow. Again. This will be my 4th visit I do believe. Each week I get a doctor’s note to carry me through the next week. I’m hoping this time he dates it out for 4 weeks. As with physical therapy, we’ll reevaluate then.

My computer is falling apart. I’m trying to play Everquest 2 (it’s free, Pat’s hooked) with Pat but half the time my computer freezes loading the game. It isn’t overheating. Jesse says it’s my video card. Pat says my hard drive isn’t helping. Jesse is coming over at some point and completely rebuilding my comp it seems. I guess. I know he isn’t replacing my hard drive, which is fine, but he is going to wipe it clean and start from scratch. I’m also getting upgraded to Windows 7 it seems. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m very happy with my version of Windows and while it dates back to prehistoric times, I like what makes me happy. I guess 7 will be better and more efficient. Whatever.  At least it’s not Vista. I’m more excited about this than it sounds. I know my computer needs all this. I’m just worried how my older hard drive will run 7. The new parts are thrilling. I always like an upgrade and Jesse takes very good care of me and Pat in that department. We always get his used parts so we’ve had to spend very little money on our computers over the years. He has bought keys for Windows 7. So we are making him a steak dinner and my computer gets decked out. Very cool. I’m just not looking forward to learning a new operating system and I know Pat’s old hard drive died when he installed windows 7 on it so I’m just dreading what mine will do.

Hopefully, I can get a new hard drive with the tax return. That and a monitor. I could use something a little bigger screen wise and a little flatter (seeing as how mine looks like a tv). Oh and something that isn’t scratched and hasn’t been passed from person to person. Most things I’m grateful for even as a hand me down. I’m just looking forward to a new monitor. I’m severely jealous of Pat’s.

But alas, we have a lot of things we want to do with the tax return. I can’t even begin to list them all. Nothing is set in stone. Well, two things are set in stone. Payback the people/library we owe money to, and taking the cat to the vet for shots and to get fixed so we don’t have to worry about her going into heat or getting knocked up. I loved Sophie but Jesse triggering heats every time he came over, while funny, was annoying. He visited almost weekly back then.

So we have this huge bag of generic brand cat food in our closet my mom gave us back when we had Sophie. We can’t give it to Tiny Cat because she needs kitten food. So we’ve started putting out a bowl of this food for the dozens of hungry strays in our neighborhood. It’s cheap crap and they are hungry. We are also big softies when it comes to four-legged friends. Anyway this evening I looked out the back door and saw some random cat out there freezing and sniffing around where the food dish lies. My heart hurt a little for it so I ran out in my socks, no pants, because that’s how I roll, and grabbed up the food dish. I brought it in and started filling it to overflowing. At the sound of this, Tiny Cat came running. She sat there patiently and watched me fill this bowl. A large bowl at that. Then she watched me dash outside and place it gently on the back patio, and come back inside. Then Tiny Cat sat there and looked at the food out back, then looked at me, at the food, then back at me. Her face clearly said, “What the hell.” I checked her food dish, sure enough, it was empty. So I felt guilty and filled it. And that folks, is how a neighborhood cat conned me into feeding my not exactly going hungry indoor cat, 4 hours early.

As far as the job hunt goes, I’ve applied for 3 jobs so far. I’ve got a couple more banks I’m going to check and then I’m just going to wait it out for a bit. So we’ll see what happens.

That’s it for now.

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