The Question

Every year I buy the kids a keepsake ornament each from Hallmark for the tree. The question becomes, when do I stop? To me, the answer is, when they have kids of their own and then I buy an ornament for grandbabies and not my babies. Pat, however, insists Thomas is losing interest already. So then the other question is, who am I really doing this for, the kids or me? I think while 7-year-old Thomas may not appreciate the effort as much, when he is grown and hanging these ornaments on his tree as an adult, he’ll learn to appreciate them again.

They aren’t too expensive. Not when you consider it’s a once a year thing. They run typically about 15$ each. And usually, Hallmark throws in a free ornament if you buy two or three. It might be three. I bought three last year. If we ever have our third baby I’ll buy three every year.

One thought on “The Question

  1. i think it's a great idea! i wish we had done it for our son, even though i know his interest would have run out early on.

    Just yesterday, when my husband wanted me to look at sweatshirts for our son on the internet, i started playing with an adorable bunny in a sneaker ornament we got our first Christmas…25 years ago! i found it actually does
    "run" along the floor…"squeak, squeak, squeak"…isn't this f a s c n i a t i n g ….?

    (Nope, still no tree).

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