Sick of This

Shoulder again. If you don’t want to listen, I don’t blame you.

I had physical therapy today. Did some basic exercises. Then ultrasound therapy. Painful but then soothing so ok.

Found out they can’t write me a note for work. Legally they can’t. So there is that. What they can do is write in their report that they don’t recommend I run a lane so my doctor has no reason to not write me a note. I hope my former doctor chokes on that bit of news. Fucker. Sorry, mom.

So after therapy, I went to work and talked to my boss. I laid all my cards on the table. I told her I don’t currently have means of getting a note but that I proved on Friday I can’t run a lane. She laid her cards on the table. There are people at work who think I’m just trying to stay on fast lane. So I assured her I’m sick of fast lane and can’t wait to get back on lane. She believed me. I wasn’t lying. Don’t get me wrong, I hate lane. But I hate fast lane even more. They make for nice breaks from one another. She said she’d do her best to keep me off lane but that I needed to get her another note asap.

So I came home and made some phone calls. I now have a new doctor. One who speaks English as his first and only language. This is huge news. Language barriers suck. Especially if you have trouble understanding accents. (guilty though I mean well)

My first appointment with the new doctor is Friday morning and we’ll go from there.

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