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So tonight I’m doing two things. I’m sprucing up my resume and I’m browsing college classes.

The resume spruce up is grueling. It only had two jobs listed on it because when I made this version I was looking for jobs either behind a camera or in a lab. I didn’t exactly use it to wow my way into my current job. Well, I may have handed it over but mostly to show I currently had a job. So I had to go back and add in the other jobs I’ve held. Speaking of which, I’m debating on whether I should add my high school job. I was there for awhile which is a plus, but I can’t exactly remember when I started. The company is now out of business (that’s 2.5 companies I’ve worked for that are no longer around) so it isn’t like they can check up on me, but it still just feels like bad mojo. It would be one thing if it was just the month I’d forgotten but I can’t even remember for sure what year. I imagine I was 16 so that sorta narrows it down some but still, bad mojo jojo.

Anyway, on to the important.

I’m browsing degree options. I know I want a 2 year in business management and that’s what I’m currently working on. Though the word currently implies I’m in class in the present tense and I’m not. So let’s go with most currently. After that there are hundreds of options in hundreds of school. I had decided my desire to work in a bank allows me to fulfill my secret wish and get a degree in mathematics. Mostly because I rock at math. And I like math. Mostly because I rock at it. But it’s so logical and thought out. There is no grey area. There are clear well established steps that you follow to achieve an answer that is either wrong or right. You can’t BS your way through math. So when you get an A you know you actually got it right.

Did I tell you about my old high school french exams? My answers were always what sounded the prettiest. I don’t know how I didn’t get solid F’s in that class.


So 4 year degree in Mathematics. That kinda leaves out the history and English I love so dearly but it’s Math and that’s fine. The problem is my current school, a community college, doesn’t offer a degree in just math, or even a 4 year degree. So that means going to Ohio State University. Ugh. I go to their site and after I get past all the “We Rock at Football” (the other football to my English and well none-USA readers) I found a listing of their degrees. Sure enough they do offer a 4 year in mathematics. So I can go that route. Then I notice that degree is listed under the category Arts and Sciences. So I get curious and go back to my local college I’m in now and see what they have in that category. I find a 2 year Associate of Sciences degree. It covers English, Math and History (yea!) and Science (boo!). So the question becomes this:

2 year Business management followed by 4 year Mathematics at the Uni
2 year Business Management followed by 2 year Associate of Sciences all at the same school
2 year Business Management followed by 2 year Associate of Sciences followed by 4 year Mathematics where all the math I took for the Associates transfers so I don’t have to repeat.

And then my head exploded.

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