Love My New Doctor

He has a great bedside manner. He speaks English clearly and understandably. He isn’t scared of my BPD. He is going to get me an MRI if my shoulder isn’t better in early January after physical therapy. He gave me a renewed script for my acid reflux meds without making me jump through hoops. He understands why I’m not going back to my old doctor, though I was very careful about what I said because I didn’t want to bash my old doctor. He gave me a note for work. He understands the sequence of events of my shoulder and agrees work started it but that the shot made it worse. I wasn’t the only white person in the waiting room which means I wasn’t being glared at. (Not referring to African Americans. My old doctor catered to mostly Muslims.) He works for the same company my mom works for. (My mom is in the lab. He is one of many doctors in the parent company. So is the kids’ pediatrician. (Who I like so much I’d pay out of pocket if I had to.) This is the leading medical company in central Ohio. He is the only doctor in the company that treats adults and takes our insurance. He is a dream come true.)

Dream come true.

Love my psychiatrist.
Love my therapist.
Love my dentist.
Love my optometrist.
Love my obstetrician/gynecologist
Now, love my physician.

It’s taken me 8 years to piece together my health care system but I finally have everything I need.

3 thoughts on “Love My New Doctor

  1. I'm so glad you like him honey. It's so important to be able to open up to those who hold your health in their hands….be it mental or physical health. Did you tell him your mom works at the lab…..14 years yesterday…btw

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