Let’s Be Fair

This has been bugging me.

We all know I hate my job, but in fairness to the job, it isn’t the job’s fault. It’s a repetitive motion that doesn’t stop. Scan, bag, scan, bag, break, scan, bag, scan, bag, lunch, scan, bag, scan, bag, break, scan, bag, scan, bag, go home. I do like fast lanes a little better. It isn’t as repetitive. It’s mostly socializing and problem-solving. Two things I’m good at.

I work for a good company. I’m in a union. I have access to benefits even though I’m only part-time. I work for good honest people. At least at the store level. I don’t know anything about the corporate level. My coworkers are mostly nice.

I have a good job. It even pays good for retail, with a structured pay raise system.

I’m just bored with it. And with my mental issues, I don’t deal well with being bored. So I’m going to job hunt.

I never meant this job to be a life long thing. It was and is a good job while I get my life figured out and decide what I want to do next, but I don’t want to work at a grocery store forever. So I’ll move on.

For that matter, the turn around at a grocery store is high. They hire and lose people almost weekly. I’ll at least give them two weeks notice. Most people just stop showing up.

So please don’t take my hatred of my job to mean I speak ill of the company.

Aside from the whole being timed thing, I have no complaints.

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