Job Hunt 2011

Ok, I’ve thought it over for 24 hours.

The thing is, my current job was never meant to be a permanent job. It was someplace to work while I figured things out. I worked with raising in ranks in mind because that’s how I always work. But I just needed time to figure things out.

I’ve figured things out.

And having a job that I only worked at for 5 months on my resume isn’t going to get me anywhere. I’m fully confident that I didn’t even get an interview for the job I applied for last night because I had it on my resume. (For those of you keeping score, I didn’t want the job anyway because it was only offering 20 hours a week. I applied because I figured it’s better than where I’m at now.)

So I took my current job off my resume and if anyone asks I’ve been unemployed. Or I’ll say I was at a temp job or whatever. No need to dwell on details. Every other job on my resume shows I commit myself.

I went back to searching online tonight. I filled out apps for two different jobs with the same company. We’ll see what happens.

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