So I Got This Email

Don’t click the links.
(I broke the links so it would take effort on your part but don’t follow them and if you do, don’t blame me.) (PS I later completely removed the links when I went back later and realized simply breaking them didn’t prevent them from working.)

Dear Karen,

Congratulations! Sarah here, and your blog, Walking the Borderline, was
determined to be one of the best blogs to exude overall brilliance. And so,
it has received our 2010 Top 30 Personality Disorder Blogs Award presented
by Medical Billing and Coding!

You can see your name amongst our winners here at:

Winners were chosen through a scoring system that included Internet
nominations, which came from your reader base!

You can let your readers know you won by embedding the badge code to one of
the different awards graphics found at:

If you choose to accept or decline the award, please let me know.

Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions. Many
questions can be answered at


Again, Congratulations, and I hope to see your badge soon!

Sarah Johns

Sounds pretty cool, right? A little too good to be true but pretty cool.

So I clicked one link then another and then the last and they all took me to the same page and none of these pages had anything to do with any blog award.

So I emailed here back saying:

Apparently I check this email too little because by the time I got to it, the links didn’t work.

Then I got to thinking. What if it was all a scam. An ad dressed up as an award. Or better yet, what if they are phishing for passwords that they can easy nab if you click the wrong link. Now I block scripts so I’m pretty secure that they didn’t get anything from me. But now don’t you go clicking links because I don’t know how safe you are.

Am I just being paranoid? Was someone really trying to recognize me? Or was it random spam with something to gain? I’m kinda curious if any of my other mental health blogging girlfriends got that email. Though Sandy and Kaley have gone quiet so I may never know. Or if it is a valid award they may have been absent too long to be eligible.

I’m waiting on a response. Though the silence is only feeding the paranoia.

On a semi-related note, Babble has put out their yearly list of top 10 mommy blogs. (I read a lot of mommy blogs so I like seeing ones I read get recognized and I like being introduced to new ones I should follow.) And I feel a little sad because I’ll never be on that list. 1. I’m not that widely read. 2. This isn’t a mommy blog. Sometimes I feel like I’m also not funny enough on here but then I realize, mental health isn’t funny. And the two things combined leave me wishing the above email was real.

So I wonder, are their prestigious lists out there recognizing hard working mental health bloggers? Surely there are. I want that list. 1. I want to slowly but surely inch my way on it, but 2. I want to follow those blogs.

Because lord knows I don’t follow enough blogs.

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