Shoulder Part Whatever

Went back to the doctor today. It took for freakin’ ever to see him and I had the 7-year-old with me. Never again. My mom will kill me because I downloaded games onto my phone to keep him entertained but nothing held his interest for more than 15 minutes. They were all “too hard”. I would download another easier game, but still “too hard”. Mom will kill me. I’ll have to give her some money as soon as I get some to spend freely.

Anyway. The doctor checked my range of motion again and it’s still fine, just painful. He gave me an order for an x-ray that I’m going to try and get today. The trick is radiology closes at 7 and Pat has his own doctors appointment at 4:45. So we’ll see.

I’m still not at a point where I can work lane. Which is driving me insane. Don’t get me wrong, I openly hate lane but omg fast lanes are driving me insane. It just has a way of attracting stupid people. Not saying everyone who uses the self-scan is stupid. I mean shit, most the people are fully functional human beings who have grown up around computers and get the idea behind the system. But oh hell are the stupid people attracted to the self-scan like flies to honey. I have always hated people, but this job just reinforces that. And self-scan is bad. And my friend Cindy would point out that self-scans bring out the stupid in machines and that is a very valid point. But mix a stupid machine with a stupid person…

Anyway, I’m ready to be back on lane but my shoulder won’t allow it.

I’m to the point where I hope the x-rays show something the doctor can fix so I can get this all over with.

Or maybe my shoulder will hurry up and freeze already and I’ll get transferred to another department. Would be worth it to get away from the stupid machines.

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