Flu Shot

As I mentioned earlier, I got my flu shot Wednesday. What I didn’t, however, mention was that my arm hurt afterward. Let me elaborate that point, since Wednesday I have had intense pain in my arm. It feels like it’s on fire. The pain has slowly spread over the past few days as well. What started out in just my shoulder has spread all the way down to my thumb, all the way up through my neck to my right ear, around back to my shoulder blade, and when I take a deep breath, my side and chest hurts as well. All on my right side where I got the shot. 4 days now.

Anyone know if this is normal?

If I’m not better by my next day off, Tuesday, I’m going to the doctor.

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  1. I don't know if that's normal or not but I wouldn't wait till Tuesday. It sounds so miserable. Chuck & I had ours about 2 weeks ago & we didn;t feel anything. I would at least call your DR. & ask him if it's normal. Did the boys have any reaction from theirs? They were lucky they didn't have a needle shot. So maybe there aren't any reactions from theirs. Let us know what happens to you. Hope you feel better soon. Did Pat have any problems?
    LOve you

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