Flu Shot Part 3

Well, I was at the urgent care at 10am when they opened. I did indeed see the doctor. He didn’t go into specifics of what happened but what it basically looks like is that the flu shot I was given pierced a nerve in my arm. The best I can do is wait it out. I was given my 15th million script for Ibuprofen 800mg tabs which is suppose to help fix it and 50mg tabs of Tramadol to help with pain. Those are some good pain meds. They would be even better if they worked. And I don’t know if it’s all the arm moving he made me do or what, but my arm has hurt more today than it has any other day so far. So pain meds that worked would be nice.

If I’m not feeling better by Tuesday I might be making a trip to my regular doctor. I’m not sure that there is anything he can do, but it’s worth at least trying.

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