To Weird Not To Share

Picture a pretty sunset with fireworks going off. Forget that with the sunset it would be too bright to see the fireworks. Now imagine that you are literally taking a walk by flying through the air, during this display of color.

Only I was too close to the fireworks and constantly had to dodge them. And I could literally feel the heat even after I woke up.

So why was I out “walking” during a sunset in my dream. Nope, not to check out the beauty. I had been home literally compulsively slamming my self into walls. Couldn’t sit still. The walls couldn’t contain me. So out the front door I went. And low and behold all that pent up energy was meant to allow me to fly.

That is a reoccurring aspect of some of my dreams, the flying I mean. To call it flying is kind inaccurate. It’s more like floating through air. I can go higher, left, right, forward, backwards. But it’s slow.

On a slightly different note, another reoccurring aspect of my dreams is inability to walk. When I’m close to waking up but not yet there, I have so very vivid dreams. To the point that I actually think I’m awake but might be asleep and the way I can tell in my dream is that I can’t walk. See I dream that I’ve woken up and am getting out of bed and am doing stuff, If I’m having trouble walking I know I’m still dreaming. It’s really weird and hard to explain.

I blame the sleep meds. Ever since I started taking sleep meds I’ve had the weirdest and most vivid dreams.

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