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I keep wanting to write a post, but my head has been filled with so much snot, I can’t think straight. This morning when I woke up it had started moving to my chest. I couldn’t breathe and could barely talk. I took a long, hot shower and that helped but I still called in sick. At the rate I’ve been going, it’s for the best. I’ve spent the day keeping quiet and pounding back vitamin c fortified juice. I don’t work again until Tuesday, so here is for hoping. I have to be better by Friday/Saturday. My sister gets married Saturday so I need to be healthy.

I was only scheduled for 3 days this week at work because of me needing Friday and Saturday off. I have my regular Wednesday off as well, which is good. I’m not sure why I was given Monday off. But whatever. Since I didn’t go in today, that means I’m only getting paid for 2 days this week. Which isn’t good. However, luckily I’m getting paid to shoot Rachel’s wedding. Otherwise, I’d be screwed. I was kinda hoping to put the money from the photography job towards photography equipment, but whatever. Bills come first. I can live without a background.

Pat has me playing Lord of the Rings Online. It just went free to play so we aren’t paying anything. Which is good because we can’t afford to pay anything. I’m enjoying it ok. I like the time with Pat. I’m also enjoying farming in the game. It’s not too unlike the farming aspect of Farmville (minus the decorating my farm aspect) only faster and more rewarding. Eventually, I’ll have my own house and I can decorate that. In some ways the game is similar to WoW, in other ways it’s better. In some ways, it’s not as good. But all in all, I like it. I do like it’s Lord of the Rings, so I know some of the references.

I can’t think of anything else so I’m going to go play my game.

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