The Event of the Season

I will start by pointing out I can’t share photos yet. My sister gets first dibs. It’s in my spoken contract. Law abiding and all. Just joking. Sorta. I did promise I’d let her liter the Internet with her wedding photos before I did.

The wedding was a success. Brenda and I got to the church at about 1:00 which is when Rachel got there. We sat around for quite a bit and took occasional photos while she got her hair and make-up done. We tried to give her her space while she got primped. The dress got there at about 4:30 and we got down to business.

Keeping the bride and groom apart before the ceremony was impossible. Keeping them apart ever is impossible. Most traditions were thrown out the window. He designed the dress so he knew what it looked like on her and everything. Rachel, however, had no idea what Joe had designed for himself to wear. So there was that little twist on tradition. Both were over the top and phenomenal. I can’t wait to show photos.

Rachel walked down the aisle at about 6:30. Dad had to practically hold her back from running. There was no step, pause, step, pause.

The minister was Joe’s brother Dustin. They couldn’t have asked for a better minister. He got all choked up through it and started to cry. The groom cried through reading his vows. Rachel was on the verge of tears through the whole thing and used sheer stubbornness in not crying because she didn’t want to ruin her make-up before her photos were taken with the family.

The food was great, the music was fun. There was dancing and laughing and it was a blast.

And the cake OMG it was huge and the coolest cake ever. The baker was so excited about it that she ended up charging 300$ for what should have been an 800$ cake.

If you ask me, every wedding should be steampunk themed. They are over the top and a BLAST!

Oh, and eventually it will dawn on me that this means my baby sister is married. I still get choked up thinking about that.

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