Sad Truths

I have come to two sad truths in the past 24 hours.

The first came to me when I was watching nick @ night and a commercial for Disney came on. My children most likely will not get to see Disney as kids. Maybe as teenagers. We can probably swing it by the time they are adults. But not when they are young kids. Not in the next 5 years. And that is heartbreaking.

The second…

I will most likely not be able to retire at the age of 60 or 65. I most likely won’t be able to completely retire ever. I most likely will have to work until I physically can’t anymore. And then the quality of life will be about equal to what it is now, if not worse. Depends on what I bring in in SSI. If SSI is even around still by then.

The thing of it is, retirement is given to you by a savings account and investments. Even if I had money to save and invest, we couldn’t do it. Because if we did Pat would lose his disability. I would have to find a way to fully support my family on my own and still have money left to save and invest, in order to retire at a reasonable age.

I guess work will always need greeters. Welcome to Walmart (I don’t work at Walmart) get your shit and get out.

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