Our Zoo

Pet photography is not my specialty. Especially when there are cages and aquariums in the way. Add in the fact I’m tired and not putting my full effort into it.. these aren’t the best.

This, as you may know, is tiny cat. What you may not know, is that this is how she spends half her day: on her back in daddy’s arms. When she isn’t here, she is curled up under one of his feet.

These are the boys. In the back you have Larry, middle you have Imp, and front you have Harry. Larry is kinda blurry. My depth of field wasn’t the best. Just be happy it wasn’t the cage in focus and all 3 rats blurry.

This is Squirt. Squirt is a slider turtle. He use to have a friend in there with him but the friend, a painted turtle, was trying to eat him. So the friend had to go. Squirt on the other hand is fairly sweet and will let you touch him as long as he doesn’t think your wiggly finger is a worm. Yes, he has the capabilities of biting it off. Squirt may or may not have eaten his fair share of pet fish that were dying.

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