Sorry about the downer of a post yesterday. We’ve been getting some bad news, money wise, lately and it’s really starting to feel and look bleak.

We still owe quite a bit on our electric. We are on a payment plan, so the end is in sight, but the next few months are going to be tight. And this is assuming we can even afford the payment plan.

We just found out our car insurance is doubling. I don’t want to talk about it other than that.

We had solid good plans for our tax return. We were going to pay back a couple of people and then use the rest to take care of a year’s worth of car insurance and gas for the apartment. We were going to make our monthly bills more doable so we had room to breathe. Car insurance going up has made this impossible. In fact, the month to month is now so tight we are literally choking on it. Worse yet, I can’t just find a second or better job because I’m literally making as much as I can make before Pat starts losing SSI. So this is as good as it gets. And this isn’t very good.

So yes, I’m feeling very down. And it seems my posts are reflecting that.

I’m really sorry for talking money, yet again, but it’s on the forefront of my mind. The center of my stress. And stress affects everything about my mental health.

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