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I wasn’t going to admit this. But I’ve admitted worse here. So here goes.

We bought Thomas, Percy Jackson and the Olympians book 1 The Lightening Thief. And he was going to read 20 minutes every night from it. Only I decided to sit down and read the whole thing to myself so I knew the story. Mid read I discovered Thomas wasn’t quite ready for it so that reading project got sidelined for another couple of years. The problem was when I couldn’t just put the book down. I was hooked.

So I finished the book.

Then I bought the next three in the series with my weekly allowance “for Thomas”. I start book three tonight.

I’m still missing the 5th book. I don’t know if it’s even out yet. If it is I’ll nab it later, I’m sure.

And they are totally kid’s books. Even more so than Harry Potter. (guilty) The plot line is simple. The writing style is immature. But they are still entertaining reads.

And well, I love a good book.

Oh and I really will give them to Thomas once I’m done with them.

4 thoughts on “This Just In…

  1. I still have a LOT of books at my place that are geared for younger audiences if you wish to take a look some time

  2. I love those books, lol. also Artemis Fowl. the fifth book is The Last Olympian, I got it ages ago in hardcover but it should be in paperback by now, too.

  3. Yeah, I got my hands on the 5th book this afternoon. I literally just finished reading it. I'll honestly say I loved them. I'm hoping he writes more. I still need to buy the 5th book since the copy I read belongs to the library. I'm going to wait til work has it in paperback. We only sell it hardcover atm.

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