The Mew From Under the Sofa

So when Sophie, our kitty, ran away earlier this year, we had always intended to get a new cat. It was just the matter of having the 70$ to go to the shelter and rescue one. We have left over litter, food and all that jazz. We just needed the rescue to love.

Meet Willow Wisp, or Wispy for short. She was rescued from a friend of my mother-in-law’s basement. A feral cat got in and gave to a litter of 5. The litter was abandoned at 4 weeks, the kitties destined for a life on the streets or a shelter.

The other 4 got taken to the pound. But not Wispy. She took a liking to my husband and well, he’s got a soft spot for blue tabbies. And cats. And animals. Sophie was a blue tabby, for those keeping track.

At 4 weeks old, Wispy is just barely weened. She missed her mommy. She cries all the time when she’s not sleeping or cuddled up with my husband. She currently lives up under the sofa. She is skittish and very scared. But she is already loved. Even though Pat is the only one in this house she isn’t scared of, we all love her anyways.

Pat would like to point out she is very much his cat. I’m just glad I’m not, for once, in charge of the litter box.

4 thoughts on “The Mew From Under the Sofa

  1. Oh I've been following the blog even lately. As for the same problems… Let's just say my husband moves the entire couch to get to her when she's under it meowing pathetically. It isn't like she's stuck. Nope she takes great joy in popping out from under it in weird places. But she gets under there and realizes she's lonely and Pat comes to the rescue.

  2. Bippidee, more pictures and stories about the cat can be found here:

    The site is still very new because well, we've only had her for 3 days now, but there will be much more to come.

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