Sleep Schedule

Getting myself on a sleep schedule just doesn’t seem to be working. Yet again I was up with Luke at 8am this morning just to turn around and crawl back into bed til 10am. I woke feeling refreshed ans awake. Unlike how I felt at 8am.

Then there is the fact that my work schedule is going to fuck up the whole 11pm bedtime. Most days it’s fine but not every day. Take Thursday for example. I work until 1am. I’d just sleep later the next morning but I have to turn around and be up at 8a to be at work by 10am. Which is just insane.

I need to face the facts that I’m not someone that can thrive on just 8-9 hours of sleep. I can get by on it but not thrive. And if there is an opportunity to get more, I’m going to take it.

I am going to stick to the 11pm bedtime, when I can. That just makes sense to me. Now I just need to find a sleep aid that works.

I’m not on Lunesta yet. We are having to fight to get it. And even when the battle is over, I need the few dollars to buy it. Even then I’m not sure I’m willing to take it. I’m terrified of the drugged feeling in the morning. I’ll test it on nights that I don’t have to be up the next morning and go from there.

Why does something so simple have to be so hard?

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