Living Life with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Right now my biggest battle is sleep.

I’m sticking to my 11pm bed time and I’m trying to stick to a 8am wake up. Sure enough my alarm goes off on time but I’m not getting out of bed. Or rather, I am getting out of bed long enough to take care of Luke and get him safely deposited into his father’s hands, but then I’m going back to bed.

I just need motivation to stay up. Don’t say Luke. I know he should be all the motivation I need. But he doesn’t stimulate my mind and he wears me down. Both things send me straight back to bed. I just need some fun activity that I’m looking forward to. I’m not even currently reading a good book. I’m currently working on 3 books that are teaching me about the brain. Interesting, but not at 8am.

Oh let’s be honest. 8:30.

I’m doing ok getting to sleep, sorta. I’m having the weirdest dreams though. Last night I almost had sex with Heath Ledger in my dream but then I woke up and realized he was dead and got sad. True story.

I tried Lunesta for the first time last night. It worked ok. I wasn’t too groggy when I woke up, but I also slept well past the recommended 8 hours. I’m going to try it again tonight since I don’t have to be anywhere until 4:30pm. I’ll try to be up at 8:30, Pat won’t be home and Luke will be awake by that point. So I can take special notice of how alert I am. I’m terrified of trying it on the nights I have to be at work at 10am the following morning.


So, what do you do for sleep? When is your bedtime? Is it strictly enforced? When do you wake up?

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  1. My sleep is so screwed up I have been trying to get it sorted for YEARS!!! When you find the secret, PLEASE let me know. My sleeping issues totally run my life.

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