I Need to Whine

So tonight I’m working till 1am. Which means my mind will finally settle down and go to bed by 3am. Who knows when I’ll fall asleep. Tomorrow I’m at work at 10am. Which means at the absolute latest I’m out of bed by 9.

Now the whole falling asleep thing… The only thing I have at my disposal that works is Lunesta. But with Lunesta I need 8 hours of sleep. 3-9 is not 8 hours. SO, that means no Lunesta. I’m on my own at trying to fall asleep. Made worse by me stressing out over what time I have to be up, how late it already is, can I do this, what happens if I’m late, can I even function if I can get up, am I going to be ok to drive, if I’m falling asleep at the wheel will there be an accident like last time??????

Oh the worries and the stress.

I lay there at night every night with the thoughts and the worries and the stress. 6 hours between head hitting pillow and head leaving pillow, does not leave a lot of time for the worries and the thoughts.

Then there is the fact that I’ve proven that even with good restful sleep I need about 10 hours to function properly. 6 hours in bed is not 10 hours of sleep, no matter how you look at it.

I think I’m going to have to talk to my boss. I’ll make it happen this time, but if it’s a repeat I’m going to have to change my availability.

Apparently I already asked Pat to give me a ride to work on Friday so there will be no crashing into things as I drive in my sleep. Good news.

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