Blue Suede Shoes (Now with Sequins)

Check out what my momma bought me. We were at Khol’s looking for a shirt to match to one of my skirts that I could wear to my sister’s wedding. And then, well I needed shoes. And no these aren’t the shoes I’m wearing to my sister’s wedding. But Thomas saw these and got all excited and then I saw them and got even more excited. They are made of suede and sequins. And it’s not that I particularly needed them, but once I saw them I wasn’t letting them out of my sight. I don’t have many just because shoes. I have work sneakers, which are falling apart, dress shoes for well, dressy things, and cheap flip flops. These on the other hand, I might just live in when I’m not working. They are flats which is weird for me, but I feel so pretty in them. And they will match my blue jeans and some of my skirts ok so I’ll wear them all winter long I’m sure. Except maybe not in the snow. So maybe not all winter. But they’ll get worn a lot. Not bad for a pair of shoes on sale for 18.99.

And now I can say I have blue suede shoes. Elvis would be so proud. And that’s important.

These are the shoes for my sister’s wedding. They are the same brand and general style as the blue ones. Only less sequins, more grommets. Which, btw, are very perfect for my sister’s steam punk themed wedding.

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