Who Knew it Was About Cheating

I was going to start this out with the “Do you Like Pina Coladas song”, but then I read the lyrics and um, no. What I get for only actually knowing that one line.

So the thing of it is, it’s really hot in here because we are going for fresh air instead of the AC and it’s cool enough to do this without dying but not cool enough to do this without sweating. So I wanted something cold to drink. I’m getting sick of water (only kinda) and my water is kept at room temp anyways so that was out. I don’t have any pop. I do have a thing of juice in the fridge but only 1 and that has to last me until Friday since that’s what I use to take my pills. BUT in the back of the fridge is my TGI Friday’s pina colada mix. And well it gets blended with ice. Which would certainly cool me off…

So my drink if frozen, I put it in a glass, I tip my head back to take a sip, the whole block of drink landed in my face and I wore half of it. So I change my shirt and try again. Only this time I take it slower and don’t tip my head back as far. None the less, same results of a face full of frozen drink. Then I remember there is this such thing called a straw. Pat even has some not 2 feet from where I sit. Needless to say, I’m finally peacefully sipping my drink.

Oh and by the way, taco after midnight Doritoes do not mix well with pina colada. I mean It should really be obvious, but then so should the straw have been.

I just went to scratch under my upper nose and realized how sticky my upper lip is now.

All this and I’ve only had a dozen sips.

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