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Apparently I’m blogging tonight.

Thomas is ready for school. His uniform is bought, washed and folded. His supplies are already waiting for him at school. The only thing left is to get him on the bus Wednesday morning. He wanted me to take him to school Wednesday and eat breakfast with him in the cafetria, but it just won’t work out that way. He’ll be fine though. He’s a good boy. Orientation was tonight. I really like his teacher. She is very outgoing and energetic. I guess she would have to be to keep up with 26 kids that age. But wow, first grade. No kidding. Next year Luke starts pre-school and it’s just like wow, really? It’s all too crazy.

The boys are downstairs watching Avatar. Well, not Luke. Luke is in bed. I was invited to watch it too, but I’m just not interested. Maybe another time. I did watch All Dogs Go to Heaven with them. I cried. Even Luke watched most of it. But he had trouble sitting through the very end so it got paused, he got put in bed and we finished the end without him.

So my twitter feed is broken. The last posts that posted from it were the 2 on April. I’m not going to say she broke it but… In all seriousness, I’m kinda pissed. It isn’t like I was in messing with the settings so there is no real excuse for it to just up and stop working. I’ve written 3 really important posts since it stopped working that I would really like to have hit my twitter stream. But nope. Nada. Nothing. Fuckers.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, twitter feed is a site that checks my blog every 30 minutes for new posts and when is find one it posts the title and a link to it to twitter and/or facebook. It’s a very handy tool that saves me time and energy. I get publicity without having to put forth the extra effort.

I’m going to stop blogging now.

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