Therapy Day for Thomas

Thomas had his first therapy session today. Most of it was just getting to know the kid, answering a lot of questions, and learning some background. Melissa was really great with him. She seems like a winner.

I think I’ve decided I’m not going to blog about his therapy much. It should be private and it’s Thomas’s story to tell, not mine.

I will say this: Her first impression is that he might have ADHD and not depression. I am willing to agree to that. I’ve been saying he might have ADHD for years. But as long as it isn’t affecting his school work she willing to agree that therapy to learn to identify and express his emotions, and other basic therapy things, should be good enough. Meaning no meds. Which is great for her to say. One less battle for me to fight.

Oh and the kid actually talked to her, which is amazing because he is usually silent with strangers and when the center of attention.

2 thoughts on “Therapy Day for Thomas

  1. Having been diagnosed with ADHD, and a recipent of te riddelin treatmen, I am glad to hear this. From a personal standpoint I believe that he deserves more personal attention which you simply lack the time and/or ability to spend with him. I hope this works out well and wish the best for all.

  2. When he's older, if his grades start to suffer I might consider meds. But we are talking high school older. Right now his brain is still forming and learning how to function. The last thing it needs it mind altering chemicals.

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