Obama Care

Disclaimer: Some of us, though I imagine not most of us, are going to have to agree to disagree. That is fine. This is how I see it, how I feel it, and my corner of the Internet. This is what I know to be fact with probably some opinion mixed in. But I’ll do my best to stick to the facts.

Fact 1: Pat will always have medicare because he is disabled.

Fact 2: Pat’s medicare plan has a 600$ spend down before the government kicks in to pay. Meaning every month (not year but month) we have to pay 600$ out of pocket in medical bills before the government chips in.

Fact 3: Pat does earn a disability check.

Fact 4: Pat’s check is for around 675$ every month.

Fact 5: We use this check to pay rent we otherwise couldn’t afford. And still can’t afford the 600$ a month spend down.

Fact 6: Every 6 months, in January and July we have a welfare appointment to determine what welfare benefits we are eligible for.

Fact 7: Every July I’ve made so little money in the previous 6 months we all 4 qualify for medicaid, which has no spend down.

Fact 8: There is much rejoicing, the 4 of us can afford the care we need as basic human being, plus the extra perks those of us with mental health issues need.

Fact 9: Every January I’ve made too much in December, the busy season in my line of work, and we all 4 lose or medicaid. Only since the littles and I don’t have back-up we don’t lose it immediately and have time to get something else in place. Which is enough time to get us to the July meeting where we get it back. We weren’t always this lucky. Up until this past year it was just yanked and we were screwed if I made too much. Pat on the other hand has medicare as back up and he loses his medicaid for 6 months.

Fact 10: It’ kinda hard to get the ongoing medical care you need when you only have insurance for 6 months of the year. Well, insurance you can afford to use.

Fact 11: Insurance for the 4 of us through my employer cost between 100 and 200$ a month. Maybe that’s every 2 weeks. But I’m pretty sure that’s a month. That’s money we simply don’t have.

Fact 12: A better paying job for me means Pat loses his disability check and we lose all our welfare benefits. I’d have to make triple what I make now for us to end in the green. That might be quadruple what I make now, I’m just trying to be optimistic.

Fact 13: I don’t qualify for those jobs, yet. I need my college education first. Or at least an extensive work history.

Opinion 1: Let’s be honest, with my fragile mental health, I still wouldn’t be able to hold one of those jobs. At least not yet.

Fact 14: With Obama care I’ll be able to make more money before we all 4 lose or medicaid. Meaning Pat won’t spend 6 months of the year without medical coverage.

Fact 15: That aspect of Obama care kicks in, in 2011.

Fact 16: Pat most likely has his medicaid back for good.

So why am I going into all this now?

The toe!

When he dropped that can of corn on his big toe a month ago we were currently living the 6 months of the year he goes without medicaid. So he couldn’t afford to be seen. He couldn’t afford to have it treated. The problem couldn’t be fixed before it reached the point of becoming a serious problem.

We find out Wednesday if he loses his toe.

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