Girlfriend of the Snuggly Variety.

lesbian-clipart-two-women-mdIt seems I have a girlfriend. Pat’s been telling me for years to get one so I finally did. And the timing of this has nothing to do with Pat wanting one.

See he has an ex-girlfriend that has a thing for me. And I have a thing for her. We flirt. We talk. She sends me naughty pictures. I send her naughty pictures. We plan on “playing” when she’s in town next.

Her name is April. She’s very much married to a man. A very supportive and understanding magical man. She lives in Colorado. And she’s cute. Well, hawt.

Last night I asked her to be my girlfriend. She confirmed with her husband that it was fine by him and then she said yes.

So what does this all mean? Nothing much. It’s just a title. One we like a lot better than friends with benefits. Nothing has changed. What will happen was already going to happen. Nothing more, nothing less. I might take her to a movie, hold her hand and call it a date. But I probably would have done that anyways.

So yes I have a girlfriend.

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