End Of An Era

Or maybe it just felt like one.

Yesterday was my last day with the camera store. It was a quiet day. Not too busy, not too slow.

The store had moved the previous Wednesday so I was getting use to a new lab. Though I didn’t worry too much about. I only had to tolerate it for a few hours. It is a lot smaller than the old lab though. That’s for sure. It’s about a quarter the size. But that doesn’t really matter anymore. I’m no longer there. It’s not my problem.

I surprised myself by not crying yesterday. Normally I’m the overly emotional type. But leaving brought no tears. This can only mean that it was the right decision.

The closest I came to crying was saying goodbye to my favorite customers. Both Mr Ross and John (and his dog Birdie who is my favorite of my favorites) stropped in to say good bye. Both are sad to see me go. They like my work. Neither make me work very hard. So they’ll be fine.

John and Birdie brought me a rose and a balloon. My kids have since stolen the balloon, which I knew they would. The rose, however, sits proudly on my kitchen table in a make shift vase. (Anyone seen my vases?)

This also means yesterday was my last 13 hour day. This part excites me. I should be working better hours from here on out. There will be plenty of 6 to 8 hour days but those are doable. I hate them, but I can make them work.

Today I feel kind of numb.

I think I need a vacation. I have one coming up. Plans got canceled but I’m still going to take the time off. It will mean 4 day work weeks instead of 5 day but hopefully Pat will let me do it. I could use the 4 days off in a row. I just want to chill with my family.

Anyway, what’s done is done. There is no turning back.

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