Big News

So here is the thing I couldn’t talk about. I couldn’t talk about it yet because I had to get things finalized. I wanted to talk about it Friday. I almost could have gotten away with talking about it Saturday or Sunday. But today is when things became official.

Today I handed in my letter of resignation to the camera store. My last day will be August 28th. I was overcome with the desire to do it Friday. There are many many reasons for this. But the most important one was that Friday, yet again, I was working a 12 hour day. With 2 more to follow. It was a 32 hour work week crammed into 3 days. And Friday I just knew I didn’t have it in me much longer.

So I sent Pat a text message that read “I want to put in my 2 weeks notice like right now. This is not a good day for Karen.” Pat called me right away and told me that if I was serious to please talk to the grocery store and see how many hours I could get. So I did just that. Low and behold, as long as me quitting the camera store meant my availability would open up, then she could give me 35-40 hours a week.

So the next day (Saturday) I sent my boss at the camera store an informal email telling him to expect my letter of resignation Monday. I did this so my 2 weeks notice could end on a Saturday, which is the end of a pay period. Then I showed up today long enough to give my formal notice.

And that is that.

How do I feel?

Here is the thing. My job at the grocery store isn’t a fun job. It’s a good honest job, but it isn’t fun. It isn’t interesting. It isn’t magic. But they are willing to pay my bills.

At the camera store I was doing my hobby for a living. But they weren’t willing to pay my bills.

I was losing my drive at the camera store.

I have yet to find it at the grocery store.

I dunno guys. Quitting this job is me admitting the grocery store is my main job and that depresses me.

We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Big News

  1. Seems to me the grocery job may not only pay your bills, it may give you time to practise your hobby and enjoy all the other parts of your life. I haven't been following you for long but the camera store job appears to have been burning you out. Think you made a good move.

  2. I know it was hard to quit but I think you made a very mature decision. You were working a impossible schedule & would burn out soon. That's not good. Just think of how much better life will be now. It's great you can get more hours at the store. You will have more time with your boys. It couldn't be good for them to see a tired mom all the time. They grow up to quick & need their mom.

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