Why A Good Pharmacy is a Must

So I’ve always been really bad about waiting until the last minute to refill my meds at the pharmacy. Really bad. This newest addition to my schedule, has just enabled that. A lot. So it wasn’t too surprising that I waited until the absolute last minute to refill my Geodon. As in my current stash was completely gone and I was due to take my next dose.

So I called in a few scripts to my pharmacy Saturday and went to pick them up. When I got there, everything but the Geodon was waiting. With a quick investigation we discovered I was out of refills. With none at home. And bad withdraw with even one missed dose. Working two jobs I can’t miss a day. It’s Saturday. Doctor won’t get the urgent message until Monday. Fuck.

So here is why it pays to have a rockin’ pharmacy.

I was given a 3 day supply of my Geodon to get me through with no valid script, just because.

Needless to say my doctor has already been called, she’ll get the message first thing in the morning. And my prescription will pick up right where the 3 day supply leaves off.

And my pharmacy totally saved my ass.

I dunno, maybe all pharmacies do this.

4 thoughts on “Why A Good Pharmacy is a Must

  1. Any decent pharmacy which knew you were normally on this med would probably do this. There are certain medicines (and I'm not familiar with this one but I would *guess* that it is one) where the standard drug rules are "if you know this person is normally on this medication DO NOT LET THEM RUN OUT. This is really useful to everyone when you have someone on certain meds like antipsychotics and other psychoactives :)

  2. It's a good policy. Lord knows if I was on Geodon because I was actually psychotic, it could be very dangerous for me to go off for a few days. Luckily the worst that happens to me is I get physically ill like I have the flu. I'm glad it's not just my pharmacy. Though it does make me very happy with my pharmacy.

  3. CVS does the same for me and I think what C said up top is correct. I'm horrible about remembering too even tho CVS calls me and leaves VM's for me. I still forgot !!

  4. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't go through such horrible withdraw. I can miss a dose or two of everything else. But not my Geodon.

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