Last night was my first day of training. Sort of. I sat at a computer for 5 hours and filled out paper work then watched various power point presentations and videos. It was pretty boring, but hey… I got paid to do it. I have more computer stuff to do but today I’m learning the register. I’m kinda nervous about that. Even though I know I’ll do fine.

I’m no longer worried about when I’ll sleep. Pat has assured me he’ll let me sleep in late to catch up. Working Thursday and Friday nights will really fuck with me because I work Friday and Saturday mornings. It will be hard because I won’t be getting home until well after midnight maybe as late as 1:30 and it will take my brain a couple of hours to shut down so I can go to bed, but I have to turn around and wake up early for my day shift job.

Now I’m also freaking out about when I’m going to get laundry done. I need to be able to do a load Friday night but Friday nights I’ll most likely be working. I think what I need to do it let Pat do laundry, but that has always been my job. He does so much other crap around the house. And he has no way of knowing what I need clean and when. He doesn’t know where my clothes go. He doesn’t know which clothes are TK’s and which are Luke’s. You can’t tell by holding them up. He can learn all this stuff. But I don’t want him too. It’s just so much easier to do it myself. But that means I’ll be staying up even later to do my laundry when I need to be sleeping. I try for a load a day. Sometimes every other day. Depends on what days I work, and when the washer and dryer are in use by other people. (My dad does his laundry of course and Pat’s best friend Rob does his laundry over here because it’s his washer and dryer that live with us because he doesn’t have a hook up but we do.)

Really, as much as this sucks it’s becoming more and more clear by the day I’m going to have to leave the camera store. I just need to wait until I’m getting enough hours at the new job. I want to stress that the camera store has done nothing wrong. They just don’t have the hours to give me so my time there is drawing to an end. I’ll leave on good terms, two weeks notice and all. I’ll be a continued customer there. I’ll be heart broken. But it’s what I’m going to have to do.

Let’s end this on a happy note shall we? *sits and thinks* My new boss is awesome!

2 thoughts on “Training

  1. I laughed at your boys…I can relate I have 2 girls. But, my oldest-18-when younger had the stinkiest socks. But, now, my 6 year old refuses to wear socks-stinkiest shoes in town. UGH

    I don't have BPD. But, I find your blog very informative. I won't bore you with the list of what's "wrong" with me.

  2. Informative is what I'm here for. Welcome to WtB.

    I love sandle season. Shoes are less stinky. My husband refuses to wear socks half the time and the rest of the time his shoes still stink. Then he takes off his shoes and leaves them right by my desk. About knocks me over with stench.

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