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This Just In…

My manic dribble of the mouth (fingers? brain?) has driven two friends away. Now I’m back to having no one to talk to. But I’ll always have you, bloggy McBloggerson. Hmm… You need a name. I’ll think on it.


  1. Ping from Stacy:

    So sorry about the friends. I know how it is. Yes, the blog never lets us down. :)

  2. Ping from Walkingborder:

    Nah, nothing to be sorry about. They weren't driven far. Mostly to bed thinking thank god it's over. lol I didn't crash until about 7:30. I didn't expect them to last all night. I all said and done I think I went through about 7 to 8 people last night. Maybe closer to 10. 3 or 4 of which were total strangers I happen to be twitter friends with.

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