If It Yells Back I’ll Let You All Know – And Then I’ll Up My Meds

I want a computer that can read my mind. I think therefore it clicks. I think therefore it types.

I was in facebook and I kept clicking on castleage when I meant to click fishville and I kept doing this like 5 separate times. And each time I’d get increasingly vocally angry with my computer that why couldn’t it select and open what I meant, not what I clicked. I yelled at my computer. (see above title)

And then just a short while later, after looking up a youtube video because I wanted to hear a song that I didn’t have an mp3 of I thought this: Wouldn’t it be nice if you couple put all of youtube on shuffle that way you never know what will pop up next but there will be lots of it and hey, you might even discover something new that you real like? And then I realized… that’s what Pandora is for. And to think, I thought I invented something.

And just think guys… If I had a computer that read my thoughts it would have had Pandora open before I could have even reached that conclusion on my own. Because yes, my computer would be a smart ass like that.

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