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I Know, I Know

I’ve been posting a lot of fluff lately, what with my coffee poetry and my item codes from last night. To make matters worse, I completely missed one of my weekly “Living with BPD” posts completely and replaced is with a fluff “This ‘N’ That”.

I apologize. I’m just really tired. I’m trying to get use to my schedule. But right now weekends really suck. On you average weekend I’m working a good 32 hours crammed into 3 days. That’s quite exhausting. Really.

The purely fun fluff (not to be confused with the “This ‘N’ That” fluff) is just kinda my way of saying I’m here. I’m thinking about you. I’m surviving. That and well, coffee does weird thing to me. And I’m not just referring to the massive indigestion.

So the good news is I do have a good solid “Living With BPD” planned for Wednesday. I’ll research it and write it and it will be good. And this coming weekend I only work, well all day Friday, but only half the day Sunday, and not at all Saturday. And while I have a lot of activities planned for Saturday, they are fun, visiting people I love activities. So it’s all good.

Hmmm, maybe as an added bonus I’ll dig out my one piece of published poetry and type it up her for you guys. It’s a tad bit more serious than the coffee stuff. I keep meaning to share it with y’all.

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