Funny Fluff

I know, I haven’t posted in a few days. I know. And here I finally am and I’m here with fluff. But dudes, this is totally funny!

Around 4:30 this tweet went out:

It was inspired by once again, me going poop with an audience. Namely Luke. Who stood there the entire time chanting “You going pee? I brush teeth? You going pee? I brush teeth?” Lucky for me I figured out to keep a toothbrush for him within reach from the toilet and that shuts him up. Anyway, my tweet again:

My response from @DearestSanta

Cracked me up! I really wasn’t expecting a response much less a specific one. Most auto responses are generic. This one actually read what I wrote. I wrote back with a basic “sign me up”. We’ll see if I get another response.

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