Medicated Dreams

I have been having very vivid dreams that seem very real at the time. They usually wake me up and I lie there all disoriented trying to figure out where I am (because I think the dream is real). And as soon as reality sinks in I’m back asleep. Sometimes to the same dream.

The kicker is that I almost always remember these dreams after I wake up. Not the fleeting oh that was weird but 5 minutes later it’s forgotten. No, I can tell you that 2 nights ago I watched a city block burn to the ground. I can tell you which stores, how many houses, etc, etc etc. It’s interesting to note I have a real phobia of fire, but the dream didn’t scare me.

Last night’s was really weird. It wasn’t a sex dream but it was a true love dream. It’s hard to explain. A lot of co workers and bosses/corporate office made guest appearances, though the person I loved in it was purely a figment of my imagination. (He did look like the kid who plays Jacob in Twilight so that part was yummy. Different name and personality though.)

These dreams started around the time I started my newest sleep med, but I have them on nights I don’t take my meds as well as the nights I do. So I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or what.

What do YOU dream about? Do you usually remember them? Do you ever wake up thinking they are real?

2 thoughts on “Medicated Dreams

  1. I remember my dreams pretty much all of the time. I also have very dramatic and often strangely violent dreams. I have contributed it to my Seroquel, but now I don't know for sure. Usually I think about them off and on for a few days and then they wane and I forget them again.

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