Job Hunt 102

Sick of hearing about the job hunt? Yeah, I’m kinda sick about blogging about it. But well, it’s what I’m doing.

I had my first interview yesterday. I already blogged that I rocked it. But damn did I rock it. Sam and I really hit it off together. She told me up front she was impressed with me. And if she could have hired me on the spot, I think she would have. I walked away knowing I would be working there.

I do have a follow up interview on Friday with Sam’s boss. Sam said she’d put in a good word for me. So I just need to be myself and I’ll be fine. If I get asked to fill out the background check paperwork that means the job is mine as long as I pass the background check. And there is no reason I won’t pass the background check. So I’ll know Friday.

It’s funny because Sam started the interview by asking if I was nervous. I told her no because my fortune cookie from earlier in the day said I’d get the job. She laughed. Then later in the interview she told me to believe the fortune cookie.

All in all I have a good feeling.

So good of a feeling that mom bought me khakis for the new job tonight. I’m leaving the tags on because I don’t want to jinx things.

Then after we were done shopping I called Sam back and thanked her for the interview yesterday and told her I already had my khakis ready to go but that I was afraid of jinxing it. She laughed and promised to put in a good word for me.

So we shall see. I’m now really excited about Friday.

So the job:

Think Walmart only not Walmart (I’ll never work at Walmart, ever. I don’t even shop there if I can help it.). I’ll be a cashier at least to start with potential to move to a different part of the store. Sam was up front that it’s boring monotonous work. I’m just happy that I’m not going to be in charge of maintaining millions of dollars worth of equipment.

Whatever, money is money and I’ll be earning more at the second job than I’m currently making as a supervisor at my first job (less per hour, but more hours). So I’m happy.

They do have a union. Which means when I get pregnant my job is safe.

There is also a structured pay raise chart. After so many hours worked, I get a raise. If I work 25 hours a week, I’ll get a raise in 14 weeks, which doesn’t sound right. 350 hours worked till first raise. 350 divided by 25 hours in a week is 14 weeks. Is my math right? It can’t be right, can it? I’m thrilled if it is right. I might be quitting my current job after all. We’ll have to see how many hours I’m getting week to week and how consistent it is. Because if the math is right, it’ll only take me 28 weeks to reach damn close to what I’m making at my current job, only more hours clocked.

As for getting full time I have to work full time hours for 6 quarters before I’m considered full time. But once I get it, it’s really hard to lose. Unlike my current job where I lost it real fast when the economy tanked. Which I get it. I understand it. I’m really lucky I even have a job. But it’ll be nice to have the security.

So I have goals. I’m going to work my ass off. I’m going to do the best damn job at the cash register that I can. I’m going to move to a more desirable part of the store. I’m going to work my way into management. I’m going to support my family with this. I will dammit, I will!

Oh why can’t tomorrow be Friday? Damn Thursdays. Trying to be Fridays but failing.

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