I’m Pissy

I’m pissy because I want to stock my fridge with fresh fruit and veggies. I’m pissy because I even have the money (well food stamps) to do it. I’m pissy because the crisper is the place to put these fruits and vegetables. I’m pissy because my dad has completely taken over the crisper in our fridge for the salad, meat and cheese he lives on. I’m pissy because I don’t have room in my tiny ass fridge for fresh food because my dad has taken over a third of it, another third is taken over with milk, for the kids who have a right to it, and the rest is just random ass shit that belongs in a fridge.

I’m mostly pissy because I don’t want my dad here anymore. I wouldn’t be half as pissy if he was actually helping out with the household economy. Instead of, you know, just living off us.

I’m pissy.

5 thoughts on “I’m Pissy

  1. I'm glad that you got that out…I hope that it felt good to you. My therapist once had me do this and it felt good to me.


  2. Its funny… 1/3rd of Karen and I's fights are caused by money issues, 1/3rd over Trivial BS that is easy to get over, and 1/3rd are triggered by her father in one way or another.

    2 out of 3 are healthy IMHO… the later is not.

  3. I COMPLETELY understand your frustration.
    My mother, moved in "temporarily" for a year and a half. For over a year, made NO efforts to find a job unless I practically did it for her. she got a job, then quit cause she "didn't like it" [hiding it for over a month by saying "I gave away my shift"] No money from her, no housekeeping, I had to work full time, go to school, and clean up after her sorry ass. she FINALLY left in February. She barely even babysat for me, unless I told her if she didn't I'd lose my job [Had to quit anyway because of her]

    *hugs* I'm sorry you have to deal with your father like that, I hope you can get him out of your house at some point. or at least reclaim your fridge. No one should have to put up with their parents being effin mooches.

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