If I Go Silent

In four days our cable gets cut unless we can come up with a couple hundred to pay our bill. (A couple months worth, no we don’t pay 200$ a month.) This means no Internet. I won’t be able to update my blog. I won’t be checking email. None of it. I don’t know for how long. My new job just didn’t come fast enough. I don’t know when I get my first paycheck. There are quite a few unknowns at work here. But bottom line we can’t pay our bill so we are paying the price. Sit tight. I’ll be around for the next couple of days. I might be able to sneak on the blog itself at work long enough to check comments, though I’m not at work very often. Facebook too. But that’s about it. So like I said, sit tight. I’ll be back as soon as I can be. There is still a chance of a miracle. Like my dad spazing out at the loss and paying the bill for us. You never know. We’ll see. Love you guys!

3 thoughts on “If I Go Silent

  1. Only if the book was dealing with suicide.

    I have a blog friend I follow who is going to kill herself. Period. We can't seem to talk her out of it. She is just waiting for her daughter to graduate highschool. Everytime she goes awhile without posting we all fear the worst. Well, her daughter has graduated now and it's been 3 weeks since she's posted. I'm not counting on ever hearing from her again. It makes me sad. Actually I take that back. I just noticed she has posted in the past 24 hours. That makes me happy. But you get my point.

    So I've learned that if I'm going to be absent from my blog for longer than usual, not accepting comments even, I need to give a heads up. I don't want people worrying about me like I worry about Sid. Not that I'm currently suicidal. But still.

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