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Girl’s Night

As mentioned in a previous post, Stacy picked me up from work yesterday. We went to Lane Bryant and Stacy bought me clothes. Basically took care of 2 birthdays and Christmases in one purchase. She does stuff like that. I got 2 bras, some panties and 2 tank tops. My wardrobe is mostly complete now. I still want a couple more skirts and I need more bras. But what I have is good enough for now. I want to see where my body is at after I have my 3rd kid before I buy any more.

After shopping we went back to Stacy’s house and had a girl’s night. She cooked us dinner and we watched a little tv. Then we crashed in her bed and watched Juno. I had seen the movie before but I wanted to watch it again and Stacy had never seen it. It’s a good movie.

I did drink a little but not much. I mixed some coconut rum with vanilla ice cream and orange juice. I know, I know. Here I made this post about how I’m trying to eat healthy and then I turn around and drink that concoction. I know. But it was girl’s night. Some junk food had to be included. I won’t post about the oreos. Oops. Well, there you have my dirty little secret. Back to the healthy food. The chicken I ate with green beans was really healthy. So there. =P I have to allow myself to have a cheat day once in a while if this diet is going to work. Actually, let’s not call it a diet. Diets have rules. I’m just trying to be conscience of what I eat. Oh and the booze? There was very little in the drink. So no worries.

I was home by 11PM. I was going to crash the night but I didn’t have my meds with me and wasn’t feeling that being sick today from missing them was a good idea.

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