Diet and Meds

I’m not for sure which med is the culprit when it comes to not being able to lose weight. I think it’s the Geodon. It’s not going to be a listed side effect because it isn’t causing weight gain. It’s just not allowing weight loss. It could be either of my meds really. And with their powers combined I am captain fat ass.

Tracy made mention in the comments about hating the phrase “watching” or “cutting back” on “carbs” because “fruits are carbs too”. Yeah fruit is carbs too. I’m mostly referring to watching the empty carbs. As in i don’t need to sit down and eat a loaf of french bread or a million cookies. Carbs that do nothing for me, I’m keeping an eye on. But I’m not going to eat a breadless sandwich. Or anything stupid like that. If we have a pasta night I’ll eat it.

I don’t have any real rules to this. It’s hard because I like food. I’m not going to say I’m 100% perfect at this. But I’m trying. And while I’m avoiding the scale I’m noticing my pants getting looser on me. So that tells me I’m doing good enough. And well, that’s good enough.

I’m also drinking a lot more water. I can’t really say I’m getting my 64oz a day, but I’m getting a lot more than I was. I spend life on the verge of dehydration. So I’m trying to fix that. I’m noticing it’s helping with hunger. Times I think I’m hungry (unless it’s obviously meal time) I drink some water. If I’m still hungry I allow myself a snack. Otherwise I was just thirsty. More often than not, I was just thirsty. I don’t know how much longer the water thing is going to last. I have to buy bottled water because tap water is nasty. When food stamps run out for the month, I’ll be SOL. My mom has filtered water I can get, but I don’t have jugs to lug it home with me.

All I know is that this would be a lot easier in some ways if I wasn’t on my meds. But what I go through off my meds just isn’t worth it. I’d rather struggle with my weight and be balanced, then be skinny and a wreck.

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  1. is a pretty good resource.

    Also, you should make sure you take a multivitamin or something, and drink 1/2 your weight in ounces. Ex: 178lbs would be 89oz a day.

    Good luck!

  2. That would be a lot of water in my case. I can't afford to drink that much since I have to buy it bottled. Nor can I spend that much time in the bathroom.

  3. You're always welcome to fill those bottles at my house, but you'll have to be willing to kart them back and forth. If you really want to…'s do-able.

  4. The hard part is carting them. I'm never at your house except for Sundays so I'd have to remember to grab them from my house when we stop so I can change my clothes. This round of bottles is being donated to Pat. We'll see about the next round.

  5. DOH! You answered my question…nastay water is sucky like a sucky hair cut! We are lucky to have okay tasting tappy water.
    There is something to be said for reading CAREFULLY!

  6. I'm very proud of you for trying to eat better. I know the medicine works against you but that's no excuse for just eating whatever you want. Uncle Mike has said for years he can't lose weight because of the predizone he takes so I don't think he even tries. He may be sorry someday if he gets dietabes. It may make it harder to lose but he doesn't try. At least you are trying & that's wonderful. Sounds like you are doing something right if your pants are looser. I know that feeling of having your clothes fit better. It keeps me on track because I love the feeling & I want to keep having it. Even if you can't lose a lot you will be eating healthy & that's what's important. I sound like I.m on a soap box & I don;t mean to. It's just that I didn't do what I should & now I.m paying for it. I reached a crisis & now at my age I have to re-do my life. You are young & should do it now. I.m really proud of you. Keep trying & you will be glad you did. I love you & don't want anyone in the family to get what I have. Keep us informed on your progress. I will be rooting for you to suceed. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO.
    On another subject did you get some people to sign up for the picture session? Hope so.

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