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Weird Morning

This has been a weird morning.

I should start by confessing that I went to bed last night with Luke at 8:30. I was tired and lacking interest in my normal evening activities like blog reading so I said screw it and crawled into bed.

So this morning I woke up at about 7:00. Nothing in particular woke me, except maybe my bladder, so my body was just ready to be up. I lay in bed for awhile just listening to the birds outside and the sounds of the house.

At about 7:20 my husband’s phone went off waking him so he could get Thomas moving and ready fro school. Luke normally sleeps through this but he started to stir. His pack-in-play, that he sleeps in, was right next to me so I could hear him stirring. After about 5 minutes I heard the sweetest little sing song voice go “Oh! Hello bear!” and he continued the process of waking up. There was babbling and singing and sitting up and laying back down and sitting back up and all sorts of early morning chatter coming from him. I just lay there and pretended to be asleep so I could eaves drop in on him. At no point did he fuss or call for my attention. He just sang the early morning minutes away.

After awhile, at about 8:00, I confessed I was a wake and gathered him up so we could get him changed and fed. I don’t normally get to see Thomas first thing in the morning because Luke and I sleep through it. So it was a pleasant start to the morning all around.

After Thomas and Pat left and Luke was done eating breakfast, at about 8:20, I set him free and we played with his stack cups. He’d build a tower and then knock it down. Back up it would go, and then crashing down it would come.

By the time Pat came home he’d moved on to cars and mega blocks. I sat down at my computer and read what I’d missed on twitter while Luke played for awhile. After twitter had been conquered I let Luke drag me to the couch so I could read to him. After awhile he lost interest in that and he went back to playing while I watched.

At about 9:45 Luke started to get really cranky. Which is weird for him. He normally doesn’t get cranky until around afternoon nap time. Then again, he did wake up a good hour early and his entire morning schedule was thrown off by me being up and active. Normally, even if I am up and out of bed at around 8:30, I’m curled up on the couch snoozing. I’m not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. I am one of those people that has to sleep until I’m ready to be up. Until my body wakes up on it’s terms. That happening at 7AM is weird. So me being awake and playing with Luke during the morning hours apparently really threw him off schedule. Sure enough by about 10:30 it was obvious that Luke needed a nap. So we gathered his lovies and down to the pack-n-play he went. I set him down, he curled up, I went upstairs, not a peep of protest was heard.

And that’s my morning thus far. How is your morning/day going?


  1. Ping from Stacy:

    I'm pretty new to reading your blog. I enjoyed this post because there were so many sweet things that I can relate to. I have 2 little ones of my own. I envy how Luke woke up all sweet and happy. So many of my friends have little ones like that. Mine have always woken up crying or calling for us. Not a very fun way to start the day every day but at least my daughter has gotten to the point of getting herself out of bed now.
    Good to share blogging experiences with fellow Moms. :)

  2. Ping from Walkingborder:

    Hey there Stacy, you're up late. Well it's getting late here in Ohio anyways.

    Yes, Luke sings in the morning. Most mornings I sleep through it. He's so soft spoken when he sings. But by some miracle I caught the show this morning. It was the bast way to wake up. All in all, today was a good day. I'm all for kids getting themselves up in the morning though. At the age of 2, Luke is a little young for it. I figure in a few years he'll be good for that.

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