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The Great Debate

This is pure work, money and school drama. If you don’t mind, read on. If you do mind skip it.

If I get the job I applied for I’ll be working 10-15 hours a week, 3rd shift. Plus my current job where hours are about to pick up. Which I know I’ve been saying that, but things are finally getting busier. As in kinda crazy at times. The local schools are having proms. Soon they’ll be graduations and then summer vacations and then the holiday season. I will be getting more than 15 hours a week and I’ll be getting it within a month, I’d imagine. Unless corporate office just flat out refuses. In which case I’ll be looking for a new job within a month.

So lets say I go up to 30 hours a week at work. And lets say I get this second job which will add 10 to 15 hours a week. So I’ll be at 40 to 45 hours a week. Which is a solid work week. If hours pick up and I get the second job.

But then there is school. I’ll be taking 2 classes, I hope.

OK let’s put it this way. My mom is helping to pay for my sister’s wedding. Which to me is just common sense. I am a strong believer that a wedding is a party thrown by the immediate family for the bride and groom. Should the bride and groom pay for some of it? Yes. But all of it? No. So my mom is of course helping to pay for it. But she’s also stressing out over paying for my school and part of my sister’s wedding.

So that leaves me toying with putting school off once again. It would give my mom a breather. And I know she could use it. The only reason I’m not automatically pushing it back is because I know my education is important.

Here is what I think I might do. Work 2 jobs, both part time or one full time. Wait on school until Winter quarter, when my mom will be done paying for a wedding. But ask my mom to please help me purchase the few other things I need for this wedding shoot instead. It’s 80$ worth of merchandise. And if I get it now it remains 80$ worth of merchandise. If I’m forced to leave my job, due to lack of hours, it goes up to 200-300$ worth of merchandise. With it bought and out of the way, I’ll have more options.

Here is my biggest pitfall in find a second job and why I’m having to look into 3rd shift. I’m not available to work weekends. I’m running a photo lab all weekend. Most any retail job you look into needs you to work weekends. I’ve had applications handed back to me because I couldn’t work Saturdays.

So I’m really starting to think I’m going to have to find a replacement job after all. At least at some point withing the next 7 months. Maybe stick with it through the holiday season and then when the dead season hits next January, start looking. Heck maybe if I get this second job I can move from part time to full time.

I can’t stress enough that I don’t want to leave my current job. I have nothing against the company. It’s a good company. I get along really well with my coworkers. I like where I am. However, the simple fact is I can’t currently support my family.

I’m currently making about 400$ a month. Which has us at a net income of about 1000$ a month. And while bills are mostly getting paid, there is no money left for anything else. Once again, this week in fact, I find myself stressing out over how I’m going to buy more toilet paper. The rats are out of their main food. Etc etc etc.

I’m just going to have to see what happens. I know I can’t afford another slow season so something is going to have to click into place, by let’s say, February. But for now all I can do is wait. I’ve turned in a few apps. One big one for a couple of available jobs all within the same company. It’s a big company but a good company. The job, like I said, would be third shift. I’d be stocking shelves or working the warehouse while the company was closed for the night. I’ve worked this exact job for this exact company before so while it’s not the most stimulating job, it’s something I can handle.

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